Plowing. Beneath the thought, the furrow and the movement

Chiara by Giorgio Porcheddu

The exhibition Arare – Dietro il pensiero, lo strappo e il movimento – presents three artists – Alessandro Bergonzoni, Fabrizio Favale and Giorgio Porcheddu – who work in Bologna. Their eclectic works create a mobile and multimedia path which varies by media but not subject. The group show will be represented by three different arts: painting, dance and photography. Each will represent the surrounding space, talking about themselves and his own background. The artists are like mirrors whose works reflect their ideas and the viewers’ thoughts.  This double dialogue flows throughout the exhibition creating a new, intriguing cultural exchange.

Untitled by Alessandro Bergonzoni

Untitled by Alessandro Bergonzoni

The arts need a new landscape created by a different vocabulary in which the inscrutable thoughts of transcendence and mystery induce the creation of different moods each day. Art sows her artists. She selects them and plants them in the furrows she cuts. Once planted their essences grow, their spirits emerge and their roots of their imagination take hold.  The land becomes genesis.

The works presented in Arare – Dietro il pensiero, lo strappo e il movimento are inspirations that once pollinated, blossom. This exhibition features a group of artists who craft their personal inspirations in a variety of styles. They are united by their understanding of the intimate path from emotion to realization. The artists, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Fabrizio Favale and Giorgio Porcheddu, have experimented in their works what this state means, beginning from the detachment from earth up to the flow of movement.  Their physicality pushes the work from artistic research towards concreteness, giving birth to a new consciousness: Art itself.

Fabrizio Favale in "Il Gioco del Gregge di Capre"

The images on a plexiglass surface, the dancer in his natural movement and the people in the photographs interacting with their environment are the tools through which these perceptions are expressed. They are a reminder of multiple realities that become the starting point of a new landscape. The artists’ inspiration arises from the observation of everyday life and their need to comment on it. Visitors will be moved by the striking and distinctive viewpoints presented through the works of art in this group show.

Chiara by Giorgio Porcheddu

Giuseppe by Giorgio Porcheddu

The exhibition Arare – Dietro i pensieri, lo strappo e il movimento exposes the artists’ inner core, emerging from the furrow.
This Art plows the earth, plants ideas and moves the visitors toward understanding of their individuality.

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