Detail by Alessandro Bergonzoni

Arare – Dietro il pensiero, lo strappo e il movimento – is an exhibition of three independent Italian artists from Bologna (Alessandro Bergonzoni, Fabrizio Favale and Giorgio Porcheddu). Their works are like windows that show an eclectic landscape in both artistic technique and subject. The artists have in common the desire to present a new approach about the perception of the reality, proposing a different split of the space. Even if they have different backgrounds, they have all worked in Bologna for many years and they are contributing to enrich not only the local cultural context but also the Italian environment. They are testimonies of three different artistic situations – the painting, the dance and the photography – which are able to build a mobile path for the viewers that decide to follow in exhibition footprints.

"L'arte è una mina pro-uomo in grado di farlo saltare...sul più bello." (Art is like a land mine that blows man up yet elevates him) by Alessandro Bergonzoni

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