Alessandro Bergonzoni

Alessandro Bergonzoni in his studio

Alessandro Bergonzoni is a new performer in the visual art field. He begun his work on visual expression and canvas concreteness six years ago, alongside his already established acting career as “funambolo delle parole” (tightrope walker of words). His studio, immersed in the centre of Bologna, is a place where he can dream and create Art in a desert of white walls surrounded by his artworks and some bizarre objects. For this exhibition, he will display different works, three of which created on a plexiglass surface. The transparency of this material allows viewers to look behind the artwork itself, which, depending on the background, changes its appearance. These compositions tell about a metaphorical tear, a human shape pressed in two-dimensional reality, under a concealed violence caused by the purity of truthfulness. In these artworks everything is reduced to the application on the material of a grey silhouette or a black tutu with a little cherry flake. Pulsing with vibrant energy, these artworks display the expressive central role that an artist’s imagination plays in the creation of a painting. Alessandro Bergonozoni has been scratched by his own art and he wants to share this sensation with others. The period deep-sea divers of inner life used to die not being able to re-emerge seems far gone because Bergonzoni’s obscure talent is that to resurface from one’s inner side still alive

Alessandro Bergonzoni's studio

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