Giorgio Porcheddu

Giorgio Porcheddu

The informal-conceptual art of Alessandro Bergonzoni and the dance of Fabrizio Favale are a sort of offstage of the human thoughts.

Giorgio Porcheddu are like the book-jacket of this story. Giorgio, who was born in Sardinia but has moved to Bologna, now work in the cultural association Piccolo Formato. He has developed their own aesthetic regarding photography: he believes that the photographic image doesn’t only record a moment of beauty divorced from its behind the scenes significance. The essence of the images captured in his shots suggests some compelling parallels with today’s life, in terms of how we struggle to carve out our place of one’s birth in the new spaces we built as adults. The photography has a universal quality that transcends time and places and it is able to tell a human story, his one. Many of the images capture scenes that could just be read as some arid landscapes where suddenly some figures appear. However these pictures born from the necessity to recall the places of the memory, the same that are grew up with the artist, passed through him and indelibly marked him. He thinks that the real meaning of his photography is its rawness and volatility. According to Giorgio, photography it would be a moment of thought that is already passed and at the same time captured. He presents photography not simply

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